Eatran's Savings and Convenience with Icom and Altogas

Yale Moving Forward with ICOM-Cusson-Hocon

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ICOM is key for the FL NAFTC/PERC AutoGas Expo and Training

OH Transit Agency expanding Propane Fleet with Icom

Icom North America, TRAA & ITRHFM Survivor Fund come up with a plan to increase awareness of the dangers a tow truck operators face today with an added benefit of the towing industry helping the environment by going green..

Icom receives CARB Certifications

Icom to Host Best 100 Fleets Fleets Event August 24th at the Icom Up-fitting and Training Center

Growing Propane Gallons within the Industry with Autogas

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AGILITY Acquires Certain Assets of CleanFUEL USA

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DATTCO Sales & Service Expo

Icom Propane Autogas systems utilized by National parks service fleets

Wyandotte County has Huge Win with Propane Autogas PERC Study

Signature built Crane Truck with Icom Propane Bifuel Liquid Injection System for Corrigan Propane to be Featured at NPGA Nashville at the UPAS Booth

Wolff Specialties and Icom Teamed up for huge WSDOT Autogas Project

PERC Autogas Quick-Connect Incentive

Icom Direct Injection System Achieves Almost Zero Emissions

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Icom Propane Evacuation Pump

The Icom "Prime" Propane Evacuation Pump

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ICOM the Leader in Propane Direct Injection

Alabama Prison Vans Successful Propane Autogas Project with Icom and Precision Sales

UPAS Member ARRO Autogas "Contribute to a Cleaner Environment with ARRO Autogas"

Numerous Icom Fleets Achieve Propane Award

Icom-UPAS-Cusson NE Propane Expo

Full Attendance at Energetic PERC/NAFTC AutogasTraining at Icom Technology and Training Center in Michigan

NC Senator Burr and John Jessup NCPGA with Icom Propane Tahoe

UPAS achieves more than 25 Member Companies

Propane Autogas a Key part of DOE'S Alternative Fuels Corridors in accordance with FAST Act

UPAS Partner Arro Autogas Opens 20th Propane Autogas Station

UPAS Achieves 25th Member Company

FREE Propane Autogas Vehicle Technician Training Sessions August 23-25

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